volumiominidlna plugin settings

I have installed volumiominidlna plugin without problem and volumio: minidlna shows up on my win10 PC and Pioneer network players, which made me very happy.
Now my problem is how to put my folders pathes to the plugin settings.
There is a USB stick with musc files connected to the RasPI (WIN path: \Volumio\usb\USB DISK) and I put one music file directly to (WIN path: \VOLUMIO\Internal Storage), but i could not manage this files / directories to show up on volumio: minidlna. I tried different entries, but it didn’t work for me and all the folders of minidlna stayed empty.
Can somebody help me please?

If you are talking about my plugin, sorry but it is a unfinished plugin and will probably stay in this state as a work is being done from @michelangelo. I should have removed it from my repo…
You can edit by hand /etc/minidlna.conf and add your folder.

Thank you balbuze, but what would be the path of my folder on the usb stick I would have to enter there? Sorry, but I am not so familiar with unix world :neutral_face: