Volumio3 Multiroom vs Single/One Device

I may assume that Multiroom feature to be major milestone introduced in Volumio3.

But my system, as might be for most users, only complies of a Single Device. But then, when opening Volumio through Android App… it always pop-up the user to select a Device, even so… if there is “only 1” (that is… an annoyance and/or distress).

Suggestion is that if not more than one Device detected, or originally selected, that the Device pop-up on App does not show. Or… another option, a turn-on/off switch for the user to address the use of Multiroom… or not.


Thanks for your suggestion.

Thing is, we don’t know how many devices will pop-up in the device selection mechanism, this is why we present the list.

I totally agree with you, and wanted to be like that. But there was not a technical way to do it.

You could make an option user can switch on, which automatically connects to first device found.

Dearest Michelangelo

Please, understand that this is affecting MOST Volumio users (not many may use Multiroom).

As I mentioned before, and per others (Joni Salminen) acknowledgement… be “technically Automatic” might be the ideal… but we are not looking for the “ideal” here. Just an User “switch” in Settings for Multiroom, or not, might be suffice.

Again, I acknowledge and honor your work, but this “annoyance” (sorry), is affecting MOST of us… regular Users. And I do believe, to have an honest solution…


Could you add a ‘preferance’, so a default device can be selected and if detected the app goes immediately to that device?