Volumio2 x86 not working lan controler

Please fix volumio x86 build, everything works ok, exept lan, and cue file :frowning:
Intel chip is i219v , motherboard : asrock z170 oc formula
And please fix cue file support, most of my music is in gapples flac’s

Btw, volumio beats daphile in audio quality :slight_smile:
And option to limit sampling rate would be nice, to downsample dsd to 44khz

or maibe can anyone give me step by step guide how to instal intell lan drivers?
i found that i can get to terminal with ctrl+al +F1

x86 build is perfectly fine, please don’t expect us to support the zillions of different configurations out there from first version.
That said, there is nothing to ‘fix’, but, I agree, we’re not there yet.
What lan controller do you mean?
For the cue file issue, please check the issue list on http://github.com/volumio/volumio2 . In case it is not yet in there please add it.

cue files support was added today, a new version will be released soon…

Wow:) good news :slight_smile:

Can you open a terminal and do

sudo modprobe e1000e
and check if that brought eth0 up?

and if it did not

dmesg | grep e1000e

and report the results?

Ok i try that tomorow,
today i faced very similar problem with other pc, j3710 asrock itx motherboard. Wired Lan get auto ip just afer " factory reset", maybe 1-2 reboots and looses autoip function again, no internet:( factory reset and agait network is working, this time its realtek eth controler . Rtl8111gr controler.

Loosing IP could be a different issue, I’ll wait till I get your modprobe and dmesg results and then continue.
The Intel i219v nic is supported by the e1000e driver and that one is installed. So it might not be the nic at all.

This is what i got

OK, the driver is fairly old and there have been issues from what I have learned by googling.
The dumm thing is that Intel only delivers source code for Linux while there is nothing in the Debian repo I can use.
There are two thing we would need: compile it and make it installable during Image building.
I will see to this, but no promise.

thank you,
i believe it will be good to update driver, becouse motherboard makers pushing very hard new intel controlers to pc market.and this problem soon will be very actual to many volumio users.

Just a little update, I have the driver and try to find a way to not just compile and install locally but have it as a package we can add to the build process.
Unfortunately Intel is not helping much.

Hello, i was happy to see version 2.0 online, but sadly after trying to run it, i stuck on rising network timer, lan does not finding driver i believe, and i canot skip this rising network interface command/job. With older version was no lan ,but volumio started normaly. Please fix this intel chipset driver :slight_smile:

Yes, this is still on my list of things to do for the x86, I’ll try this week, no promise though…

thank you for not forgeting this problem.
i adding photo where new version of volumio get stuck.

Please check your PM Mailbox


I have this exact problem on an Intel nuc 6i5syh. Was there any progress on the driver?

Running the above commands I can see I’m using the same lan controller.


In case you would have bothered to use the search function, you might have found similar reports and a link to the problem.
Anyway, please read Volumio Development/ Development Talks for the x86 buster story, you will find your answer there.

Wow, first post and I’m already getting attitude?!

Lovely community this is. I’d give you a fitting response but it would probably get me booted off the forum.

Let’s hope you never require any assistance in future.

Well, you could at least try and see it from our point of view.
x86 is extremely diverse when it comes to configurations, there are zillions of different x86 machines out there. We get your kind of configuration questions over and over again, they are all documented in this forum. The least people can do is a forum search first before we need to answer that same question for the xth time. Hope you understand at least a little.