volumio2 x86 and internal hdd

Hello ,
I know - it is something easy for all linux users , but I am PC user and my tries are totally useless …

So , trying to make volumio 2 x86 something more usable and reasonable to use (PC’s are not headless and diskless machines - usually in every PC there is hdd… so why not use it ?) and my attempts were unsuccessful - I’m asking :

if somebody could finally give step-by -step prescription : HOW TO MOUNT INTERNAL SATA HDD (NTFS) ON VOLUMIO 2 X86 ???

because using powerful (not atom- something pseudo-PC ) with usb-stick and usb-hdd is a pure waste …

(of course I know how to use putty . fdisk -l too , ) I think it would be very helpful for all of us - PC users non-linux…

and sorry , Michelangelo - yours advice " mount it in /mnt/usb or var/lib/mpd/music " wasn’t helpful at all

OK, no need for capitals, we can read.
Your “finally” demand for a step-by-step prescription is a little out of place, everyone here is a volunteer, including the developers.

You need a little more than putty and fdisk in case you’re going down there. :wink:
I contributed to the x86 version, so I may be able to help you. Where do you want me to start?
PM me if that helps.

Hi! since i’m also trying the same with a brand new machine powered with an i5 skylake (running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) and custom made for music/media. I would love to test Volumio with it… Can you post here some guidance on how should I install it in an internal SSD?

Any help woud be much appreciated!

See this link: https://volumio.org/forum/volumio-x86-install-hdd-t5058.html