Volumio2 wie Equalizer installieren?

Leider habe ich es nicht Geschaft den Equalizer auf mein Rpi2 mit Hifiberry digi zu installieren.
Kann mir jemand dabei behilflich sein?
Oder ein fertiges Image zu kommen lassen.

Auf english hättest Du sicher mehr Antworten bekommen, Du würdest das besser im Help Teil posten;)

in short: installing the equalizer on the RPi 2 , together with a Hifiberry, was not succesful.
Anyone with experience and willing to help?

Which Equalizer are we discussing? Is there a new plug-in that I have missed?

Alsa has an equalizer plugin, which can be used with its output to achieve your goal. I do this at home and it works beautifully, sounds great as well, since it allows me to compensate for the sound characteristics of my Minipod speakers to better couple these with my Dali Subwoofer, which along with my Luxman L-405 amplifier and a Raspberry Pi Zero + an IQAudio DAC Zero sounds fantastic!

I even apply the same equalizer setup to both mpd (Volumio’s player daemon) and its Airplay sink (Shairport), to give both means of playback the same sound profile!

HifiBerry has a tutorial that assumes you’re using an ‘external’ DAC instead of the low-quality builtin audio of the Pi https://www.hifiberry.com/build/documentation/guide-adding-equalization-using-alsaeq/. This will help getting most of this working, only things to do from there is to manually edit /etc/mpd.conf to use

device 	"plug:plugequal"

as the output device for Volumio. It would probably say something like

device 	"plug:hw:0:0"

before start to tinker.

The only tricky part is that the mpd daemon runs as the user mpd, so as root you’d have to manipulate the user specific equalizer settings used by the mpd user to manipulate the sound from Volumio by typing in the following on your SSH prompt after having logged in to your pi

su mpd -c "alsamixer -D equal"

and define your settings.

I would suggest anyone interested to look furhter into this. It’s not that complicated and can greatly enhance your experience.

Why not simply use the equalizer plugin?

OK obwohl ich deutsch spreche, verstehe ich die Frage nicht.
Was hast du genau für ein Problem?

Im Grunde ist es absolut easy. Aktuelles Volumio installieren, -> oben rechts auf Einstellungen klicken -> auf “plugin” klicken -> “pugin installieren” klicken -> gewünschten Equalizer suchen und installieren.

Nach der Installation wieder ins Plugin Menü gehen -> beim Equalizer plugin auf “aktivieren” klicken

Um den Equalizer einzustellen, im Plugin Menü -> beim Equalizer plugin auf “einstellen” klicken


P.S. Anfangs hatte ich auch ziemliche Probleme mit dem Plugin, komischerweise waren sie auf einen Schlag weg und lassen sich nicht mehr reproduzieren. :confused:

Je ne comprends pas… :nerd:
I don’t understand… :nerd:

Only for you Ballbuze here my hints again but now in English… :laughing:

Although I speak German, I do not understand the question.
What’s your problem?

Basically it is absolutely easy. Install the current Volumio, -> click Settings in the top right corner -> click on “plugin” -> click “install pugin” -> search for and install the Equalizer.

After installation, go back to the plugin menu -> click on “activate” for the equalizer plugin

To set the equalizer, in the plugin menu -> click on “adjust” for the equalizer plugin


P.S. At the beginning I also had some problems with the plugin, strangely enough they were gone in one fell swoop and can not be reproduced anymore.


Maybe he has the same problem as me when I tried the first time to install a plugin.

At my first try I forgot to click on “activate”. I need some time till I regonized my mistake. :wink:

hi guys,
i know, it’s almost 3 years since the last post,
but this is my first touch with Volumio
I installed it yesterday on my Pi.

i tried to follow the steps, that Peziman recommended, but i can’t find any buttons or text fields to searching for plugins. Can it be, that the search function for plugin has been disabled in the last version?
my current version is: 2.873 (FREE)
I would be grateful for any help.
Thanks in advance



Hi balbuze,
thanks for the hint. It works. :+1: