Volumio2 RC1 for Raspberry PI 3

Hi everyone!! Finally we are there! The RC1 of Volumio 2 is out. This is what has changed from latest beta:

  • Raspberry PI 3 with integrated Wireless card support
  • I2S DACs for Raspberry PI now working and selectable from UI
  • Audio Output Device selection with friendly names
  • Mixer Device selection for Hardware Volume Control
  • Volume mixer working for USB and I2S devices
  • Implemented Max Volume Level Selection
  • Implemented selector for Natural (logarithmic) or Linear Volume curve mode
  • Improved rendering speed of UI on browsing, particularly on mobile devices
  • Better resolution for Albumart
  • Added swipe gestures on mobile UI (swipe left and right to change tab view)
  • Sleep Function (turn off Volumio after certain time)
  • Alarm Clock (Play playlist at certain times)


updates.volumio.org/pi/volumio/0 … pi.img.zip


It has been a long year of work (more than 1,5k commits) to get here, but the more I see Volumio2 taking shape, the more I’m proud of it.
I would like to thank all the contributors, community members and friends which have contributed to make this happen…

And if you’re wondering if we’re stopping there… Well… This is just the first of great things to come in the future…


PS: For feedbacks and bug reports, let’s stick to the Volumio2 thread