Volumio2 on Technics CD Player

My name is Diego, or “Gody”, greetings from Argentina.

Well, here is my project, progressing little by little but growing.

I thank Michelangelo for this gift for digital musicians, this is a toy that I play a little with every day.

Here it is:

1- Technics SL-PG100 casing, completely empty, to fill with the elements:
2 - Raspberry Pi 3+
3 - Justboom DAC HAT as a converter board. Sound really fine, was a good decision buy this one.
4 - An economical TPA3116 amplifier board as auxiliary output for non-active speakers.
5 - Two Vumeters, analog with its converter and feeder board
6 - A 1tb HDD, with music and as a download directory for Transmission Torrent.
7 - GPIO Buttons plugin, with which I could revive the buttons on the front panel: play, volume +/-, next and back operating buttons. Analog option to control without the phone or PC.
8 - A Thonet & Vander Spiel 2.1 soundsystem. Is cheap, but sounds fine for me…but, i want to give more power…

I am very satisfied, however I keep trying to turn on the LCD Display 16x2 i2c backpack, but with no luck. I think I am going to need a 16x2 USB LCD, although in Argentina it is difficult to get.
And, an external CD unit to rip/read music, but no plugged now. Dont have much use.

Additionally, I am looking at the possibility of acquiring some Technics, Sansui, Yamaha amplifier, to be able to boost the outputs and manage Volumio as an optional input next to the TV, XBOX, etc.

Thanks to everyone.
I’m a cheese programming, only know the bacics aspects. So, i hope configure the LCD 16x2 back pack unit!


Hola Diego

Nice one!
Can you give me some more details on this ?


Yes, sure my friend!

Is this:

ebay.com/itm/2x-Panel-VU-Me … 2749.l2649

The wiring es really simple, just 10 minuts to connect everything perfect.
Just give 12v with another generic charger, to can power on it!

But is a good and cheap upgrade, and look pretty the case with this vumeters.

Send me pics if you install it!