Volumio2: How to add DurioSound I2S driver


I know that Volumio2 is in an early alpha state but I am wondering if someone has already figured out how to manually integrate the I2S driver for my DurioSound DAC. Any ideas?

Can I just use hifiberry-dac-overlay, hifiberry-dacplus-overlay, rpi-dac-overlay?
Which one suits best? And, is all I have to to appending dtoverlay=xxx to /boot/config.txt ?

I’m using “dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac” with my dual-mono Durio DAC and I don’t think that it will run with the other overlays.
If you get it running, I would be very interested, what experience you’ll have with this somewhat rather expensive board. To be honest: I’m somewhat disappointed with this hardware: no kernel integrated driver, website is somewhat dead, since a lot of month there are no new posts and the next board is already in developement.


So, maybe in the meantime {…cut…}. From my very limited understanding the hifiberry driver should just work fine since both use the same chipset… (or maybe there is more to it…)

Has we have already discussed, Durio Sound need his driver to work well, hifiberry driver work but is not the best solution.
From Durio Sound blog is possible to download an image of an MPD that works with Durio Sound, is it useful to install it on Volumio 2?
Like florianh I’m playing music by Moode that has Durio Sound driver.

Here You can download non-compile kernel module:
Is it useful?
Please florianh add Durio Sound driver and then tell me how can I do it!

Hi Badger,
unfortunately not so useful for me because I simply don’t understand what content of the linked github repo is relevant to me.
This one here? I would need to know how to extract the correct kernel module or driver for Durio Sound and load it for the kernel that Volumio2 is using… The Readme doesn’t help me much.

Infinite sadness for me! [CRYING FACE]
Thank you florianh for your attempt, hope someone can help us!

Yea, maybe we could contact Pitichai and ask for support. I already sent him an email but no reply. Maybe someone who knows him could ask for support. Or we could ask the author of moodeaudio for support since his kernel is similar to the one used in Volumio 2.

Or someone experienced just tells us what to do…

I gave a look at it… And unfortunately they seem to support only older versions of the kernel (3.x) while Volumio uses 4.x .
I think that we may ask Durio Sound devs to prepare and compile the audio modules against our kernel and then integrate . I’ll write about them about it …

Thank Michelangelo for your help!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you a lot and thank you one more time!

Thanks a lot!

Hi there,
for my opinion the original durio sound driver produces with moode audio a more or less muggy sound, misses a lot of dynamic range. It’s really no alternativ to the standard hifiberry driver …

Very strange! For me use Moode and Durio Sound driver has been a big step up for my hifi set up.
Sounds great! I used hifiberry driver for one year before try his native driver and I assure you that the sound was "normal, nothing special.
Some weeks after, I read that Durio Sound Pro inventor told that the driver is Not the same of hifiberry, but for me was already known.
My set up is : Chario Constellation Cygnus, Marantz PM7001 KI Signature, room 4mx3m.

I wish to follow this