Volumio2 db path

I have a mount which has corrupted the UI. I need to manually edit the Sqlite db to fix it. Where is the Sqlite settings db stored on Volumio2?

It’s still a shame that the mount interface cannot validate problematic mount configs. I think I had a space or extra / in the mount point / path.

Beyond that I’m impressed with the progress having reverted to 1.55 for the last 8 months.

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Afaik, volumio2 is directly using MPD’s library.
You can find it by looking at the config file /etc/mpd.conf . It currently points to /var/lib/mpd/tag_cache.

If you use an mpd client such as Auremo, you can see and search all of your tracks because the music folders are symlinked to MPD’s music directory.
Not sure if there is a volumio DB somewhere, but I could not find it in the /data directory where everything else is kept.

Basically you want to access settings, right?
We don’t store them anymore in db, but rather in individual json config files.
You will find what you look for in


Let me know

Ta yes looking for the cif mount points need to remove corrupt ones which have screwed up the gui.

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Cannot see the cif / samba network mounts in that config. Are the individual network shares stored in different json? I have a corrupt one with a space in it
which refuses to show on gui and no other shares show ass a result. So need to find the right config file.

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Ignore me
found it.

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