volumio2 covert art for 3rd party clients

Hi and thanks for this really nice piece of software!

I am wondering how one can have the covers show in clients like MPDroid, MPad, Cantata…

With volumio 1.55 what I did is simply create a symlink for music folder to www folder so that clients could fetch the cover.jpg directly.

I am new to node.js so I don’t understand completely what’s going on but form what I’ve seen there is an albumart plugin which expects a path query to retrieve the cover.

I have been unsuccessful at making this work in my clients. I am trying by setting the fetch url to volumio.local/albumart?path=

But somehow they probably fail to properly input the path.

Would you be kind to direct me how I can resolve this?

Thanks a lot!


Did you try to just put http://volumio.local/albumart? that is what I see as the location of the albumart on my volumio 2 version.

If that does not work, are you positive that the volumio.local hostname is properly undestood by your device? Remember that android devices (as an example) does not have system-wide zeroconf lookup, but a specific app might or might not have it implemented.

Yes I was aware that there is no zeroconf support on Android so I used the ip directly ( but with no success :frowning:

Maybe I’ll just create another node.js server just to serve an access to music folders so that it’ll work like it did on 1.55

For that to work you will have to check if the folder actually is shared. Else you will never find it.

I am not sure what you mean by the folder having to be shared but if you mean access rights, it is not a problem. I had this working on volumio 1.55 which has a conventional web server just serving the files statically.

Play a track in Volumio. On the album art with right click select display image in a new window or tab or image properties.
Now you have the full path to the image.
ex : … 0Hero.flac

Yes I did try that and I was inputing what I thought was a correct path but somehow it didn’t work.

I ended up coding an ultra simple node.js server directly on my Synology NAS to serve the cover files.

This way, in MPDroid and MPad all I had to do is specify my_nas_ip:3000 as the web server to retrieve cover.jpg files

For those interested:

var express = require('express');
var app = express();