Volumio2: Change Airplay and Hostname?


I’m new to Volumio… Really good piece of software! Thx for that.

Is there a way to change the default Airplay Name to something different (I’m using Volumio 2)? Tried it with changing “shairport-sync.conf” but after a reboot it’s back to “Volumio”.

Another question:
How can I change the Hostname, so that it doesn’t come up with “Volumio” in my DNS listing?


Go to Settings -> system
and change the player name: it will change both Airplay name and hostname :wink:

It will change both Airplay name and hostname, but the two don’t match. The player name is shown as Capitalized, but the hostname is lowercase, and sometimes the name being broadcast to Airplay will be lowercase - but sometimes, it will be capitalized.

If I change the Player Name in System Settings, it’s shown as Capitalized regardless of whether or not I capitalized it (type it all lowercase, save and return: it’s capitalized), but the hostname is all lowercase even if the player name is capitalized.

Sometimes the name getting broadcast to Airplay gets shown as lowercase - even though it’s Capitalized in Volumio System Settings.

If I save System settings, or if I make any changes that restart anything related to the player or the network, or if I restart Volumio, the name being broadcast to Airplay can (but doesn’t always) change to being lowercase - or Capitalized.

How do I fix this? Is there a way to override whatever behavior is causing capitalization/lowercase changes?

I assume Airplay is being served by Shairport Sync. Is there a way to manually set the name for Shairport Sync?

The problem:
During initial setup of Volumio, it’s possible to create an AirPlay name (the text that appears in the list of AirPlay clients in a music player such as iTunes or an iOS device) in Volumio that has uppercase characters and/or spaces. However, such a name is not valid as a “hostname”, and Volumio changes any uppercase letters to lowercase and spaces into hyphens when creating the hostname. After setup is run, the hostname and AirPlay name will be different. For example:

AirPlay name = “Master Bedroom”
Hostname = master-bedroom

However, if Volumio is rebooted, the AirPlay name will be overwritten with the hostname.

I don’t want this to happen. I want to keep the AirPlay name with capitals and spaces, and I don’t want to have to re-run the setup process on every reboot in order for this to happen.

There seem to be a few threads about this (see list below) where people complain about the problem but as of yet there doesn’t seem to be a solution. The final thread in the list contains a possible solution, or idea for a solution, but is based on an old version of Volumio, and assumes a level of familiarity with Linux, Volumio, and shairport that I and doubtless most others facing this issue, simply don’t have.

My question:
Can anyone suggest a config file, such as a script that Volumio will run at startup, where an Airplay name can be set at startup, overriding whatever script/process is currently causing Volumio to overwrite the AirPlay name with the hostname?

Any help gratefully received.

  1. https://volumio.org/forum/change-airplay-name-t172.html
  2. https://volumio.org/forum/airplay-player-name-keeps-changing-after-restart-save-t7751.html
  3. https://volumio.org/forum/airplay-password-setting-webui-uppcase-letters-name-t4115.html
  4. https://volumio.org/forum/airplay-name-won-change-from-volumio-t1339.html

I have decided to bump this thread as I think it’s the most likely thread to be found by someone googling for an answer, possibly via the first thread in the list above.


I really love Volumio and gratefully use it every day on my two raspberries with DAC for a multiroom experience, mostly over airplay or spotify connect.

I see al lot of threads / links about changing names, uppercase, lowercase and changes after one or two (!) reboots, but no real solution…

But, the topics are all outdated, so I wonder if there is a solution for this ‘inconvenience’ (it’s not a real problem) already?

If not: I also experience the changing airplay (and spotify connect) names - even with the newest versions - based on the non standard (=Volumio) hostname / player name. I prefer to choose the name by myself (using upper- and lowercases) and I’m willing to spend some time to see if I can find and share a solution.

But, in the case you guys already found one - I hope to save some time…
Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you.

For Spotify Connect, open /data/plugins/music_service/volspotconnect2/volspotconnect2.tmpl and edit ${devicename} to what you need. It should also work with utf-8 (ü and stuff like that)

Similarly, for Airplay, /data/plugins/music_service/airplay_emulation/shairport-sync.conf.tmpl needs ‘${name}’ edited

Thank you a lot ashthespy! Great!

Edit: used command ‘sudo chattr +i filename’ to protect volspotconnect2.tmpl from overwriting

PS: If you interested in digging deeper - github.com/volumio/Volumio2/pull/1530