Volumio2 and Hifiberry-amp3

Volumio2 and HifiBerry-amp3

My experience:
Recently I bought a HifiBerry amp3 for my Raspberry3b with Volumio2, version 2.917.
Normally I use the HifiBerry-amp2, but it was not (anymore) available. Hifiberry-amp3 should just work with the setting HifiBerry-amp2, I was told.

After the first configuration of Volumio2, I had sound. Beautiful, I was happy again; until I restarted the Raspberry. I had no sound anymore but got the well-known alsa errors.

Solution: Insert the SD-card into your PC/laptop. Go to the “config” file. On the last line you can see that Volumio2, after the restart, changed your setting “hifiberry-amp2” to “hifiberry-dacplus”.
Alter “dacplus” to “amp2” (not “amp3”) and write the modified config-file back to the SD-card and everything is ok, also after a restart.

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I had an AMP2 successfully in use. Have now built a second system. RPI4 and AMP3. Unfortunately the AMP3 needs at least the kernel 5.15.24. When will Volumio bring this kernel?

Otherwise, is there an alternative solution? Update the kernel manually maybe? I do not know Linux unfortunately.

You can use temporarily the amp3 as an amp2.
Therefore alter, after the first boot, the config file on your sdcard with your pc. In one of the last lines you will see HifiBerry-xxx. Change that in HifiBerry-amp2 and save the sdcard. From now on your amp3 acts as an amp2.

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