Volumio1.55 with Rpi2 to update db from NAS

Hi… Today I set it up to my Rpi2 and trying to update Library from my NAS.

Volumio started to update lib but after few minute, It always stop to update and
I can’t see any Library except webradio.

I try to apt update, upgrade… but the same situation.

Exactly the same for me.

I’ve setup a NFS share with all my music, and it’s not working. I’ve just loaded up Kodi and it’s working there without issues.

Did you have it working with older versions (and/or older RPi’s)?
If you go to menu-library, does it recognize your NAS (red cross if it doesnt)?
Does it show local files? (usb or sd-stored files)
Have you tried rebooting it?

Please dont use upgrade, Volumio currently doesnt support it since it uses custom-mixed firmware, and this may break it. This will be fixed in a future release.

• Raspberry Pi2 is my first foray into this world.
• Yes, it recognizes the NAS and mounts the NFS share.
• I was able to load local (USB-drive) files on the 1.51PI2 build. I sadly do not possess this build anymore though.
• Naturally, dozens of times.

And I always used a clean install, no upgrades.

I’m having exactly the same issue too.

Sorry that you guys are having problems with NFS.

Just as another data point, I am using a Pi B+ based NAS running Raspbian with an EXT4 hard drive and using SMB/CIFS to share with Volumio 1.55 on several B+ and one Pi2. All has been ok for me after the upgrade.

If anyone has an interest in setting up something similar, I just posted a short write-up here: