Volumio x86 v2.284: wrong kernel?

the changelog reads:

but the version 2.284, for x86, has the old kernel 3.8.25. What’s wrong? The image, or the changelog?

We reverted back to old kernel in newer image, still some tweaks to do for the newest one…

Thank you.
I will have to wait for a new version. The old kernel is very unstable with my NUC.
I will continue to use my personal little system (based on Archlinux, so with a very recent kernel). It performs very well, but I’d wish to compare it with Volumio and possibly switch to it.

How to switch to new experemental kernel from github.
I usu adwantech mio2661 boar
Iwant to compile gpio driver for it but on old kernel i have error during make

There is no way to do that just now, we have no plan to offer an experimental version before introducing Debian stretch.
Have a look at the build scripts on Volumio git repo and decide if you want to build and integrate your own kernel.

– Gé –