Volumio x86 (rel-0.976): play / previous command problem

Hi everyone,
This is my first post here. And thanks to the developers for this beautiful project. I have been using Volumio in my Raspberry Pi B since the first version from Raspyfi.

I have used Linux Voyage on my old Fujitsu Lifebook C2132, which is now collecting dust, and now this Volumio x86 has got me interested in bringing it back to life. :slight_smile:.

So i dusted it off, installed this on a USB stick, and boot it up. It worked fine and was able to configure and play music immediately. Nice work with this, even though it still has rough edges.

First, i want to bring this to the attention of the developers about some of the bugs i observed. The volumio.sh has errors when run in command line. It is pointing to the non-existing “commands” folder in /volumio/app/plugins/user_interface/volumio_command_line_client. Based on the remarks, and actual folder structure, the “commands” has been moved under “system_controller”. So i modified my volumio.sh to point to that folder. Then i also have to edit the playback.js to add “!/bin/node” on the first line.

So back to my problem. :slight_smile: . On terminal, i was testing volumio commands like “play”, “pause”, “next”, “previous”.

My laptop has additional buttons for play, stop, next previous, and i am thinking of using these commands in a script so that the buttons can access them through an ACPI event.

The problem i have is that the “play” and “previous” commands does not seem to have any response. Only the “next” and “pause” seems working since web UI can advance to the next song, and i can pause a song that is playing.

Is there anyone who has observed this, and if you have some fix that you could share ?

To be honest, we have not done anything towards brand/model specific button/driver/other hardware usage and do not have any plans supporting this OOTB. Please accept that having it running on an old notebook, without it’s specific bells and whistles is already a bonus. Should there be anything that can be done as a added-value, we welcome any support you can give.

Actually, what i am trying to figure out is why some of the Volumio CLI commands doesn’t seem to be responding. There are 4 playback commands, and only 2 works. The command is communicated thru socket.io, so i am and not sure what is happening behind that. I have attached a sample output where the command is sent, but the status did not change. Anyway, let me try to figure out another way, and will feedback if i discover anything. :slight_smile: