Volumio x86: Cannot See The Music Harddisk in PC

I would like to seek your help.
I started to use Volumio x86 in my desktop PC recently and tested to be excellently sounding. Thank you for all your developments.
I have a trouble that the Volumio does not recognise the harddisk (a 2TB Samsung SSD) installed inside the PC (by normal sata cable) which contains all my music files. I tried reboots or even reflashing new usb etc but still cannot find this drive in “MY MUSIC” or “BROWSE”.
Is there a way? Or I have to take the ssd out and make it an external usb drive instead?
Thank you.

Just mount your Hard Disk under /mnt/NAS or /mnt/USB

I think we need to add an easy way to do this…

Could you show me the steps? Thanks. As I have no knowleadge of linux commands.
In my ssd, there is a folder called HiRez Music and then several subfolders for dsd, fla & wav etc. Should I streamline it so as to be read?