Volumio x86 2.115 does not start

I was trying the previous version of volumio 2 for the x86 platform and almost everything was working ok. Yesterday I saw a new version (the 2.115) and tried to use it too. So i burn the image on the same usb drive, but at the boot, at the end of some ok it enter in the emergency mode and i can’t even save some log because every try to write a file keeps giving me an error. Even a touch will not let me write any empty file.
The first error i see is: volumio systemd-random-seed[323] failed to open /var/lib/systemd/random-seed: no such file or directory
And othe errors always with the “no such file”
There’s the chance to download the old version for x86? Thank you

There seems to be a bug in version 2.115.
You can download version 2.030 here:

I’ve tried the new version 2.118 and the bug appears to be solved.

Ok many thanks!