Volumio without UI?


I am looking to obtain some information as to whether it is possible to run Volumio without the web UI? I am looking to develop a truly headless player on the Raspberry Pi, in which there is no accessible web UI for Volumio, with the controls instead being exposed via an API interface that will ultimately be controlled through a desktop/mobile app. Would anyone be able to inform me as to whether this is a feasible aim?

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Sure, no problem. You can already use Volumio without the UI using apps that talk directly to MPD (music player daemon).

Using the MPD protocol, you can develop your own client. Check out the MPD documentation.

Volumio UI is ‘just’ an (great) interface to MPD (and Volumio offers some more audio/OS related improvements).

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Yea its easy, just use any mpd client. But the big bonus that is offered by the webui is the spotify support. And the simplified way of setting things up.

If you want to go truly headless you can add hardware buttons.

If you want you can try Sound@Home. Android App for Volumio :wink: