Volumio without internet

You may be asking something obvious.
Today my internet server did not work all day. My system is a Rasp3 + Allo Boss DAC + latest version of Volumio.
It is connected by network and by wifi. If I look with Fing I see that it is connected to the network. But it does not work, the graphical interface is not seen, it does not connect from the browser to either connection.
I guess it should connect, the network is working, it is connected, I should be able to use Volumio with my Network Library. But it doesn’t.
Is there a setting that I am not considering?
Thanks since now.

This has been a thing in the past.
It was supposed to have been addressed a couple of versions ago, but my experience was the same as yours.
WiFi working, internet connection down, Volumio stops working. I haven’t tried it with the current version, but I’m not surprised by your report.