Volumio without flashing the card?

So, as the title says, I want to install Volumio on my Raspberry Pi 4, without flashing the card.
I already have Pihole and Nextcloud on it and I don’t to remove them, just for the music pleasure.

Is there anyway that I can put Volumio on the same card? I know that Volumio is an OS and Raspbian is an OS also but I think it should be a program or streaming server just like Nextcloud or Pihole.

Hi, this is the same problem that I am facing. I built an arm docker image of volumio and made some progress. However, the problem is I can’t start the volumio service in the container… due to some errors in the javascript that is used to start volumio service. So I am asking for help in the community now. my post

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Sorry, it’s just not possible.