Volumio with Raspberry Touchscreen

Dear Community,

I just installed Volumio on a Raspberry equipped with the official Raspberry touchscreen. It’s nice how everything works quite out of the box (note: I’m not a Linux afficionado…).

However, what I dislike is that while using my PC browser or smartphone as “remote control” works well, everything get’s very laggy when using the touchscreen (slow scrolling, delayed playback, things like that). However, this might be homemade, as I’m still on a RPi B+. What’s your experience with newer RPis? Can I expect more speed when using a more up to date model of the RPi?

Also, what annoys me is that the display goes black after a couple of minutes. Is there a way to prevent this? I’d like to have the album art and metadata visible at all times. I understand that there might be a little danger of burning in the display, but since I’m not a heavy user, I would risk it. The best option would be to have the display go to reduced illumination after a while and go back to full illumination whenever the information displayed is changed (new song, notifications, etc).

And, finally, after the first reboot the tabs on the screen don’t read “Playback”, “Browse”, etc anymore, but something more cryptic like :common.tab_playback and common.tab_browse. How can I revert this?

I just downloaded the latest 2.246 with RPI3 and the 7" touch screen, I noticed the lag also, I don’t think its a limitation on your board. I also noticed the icons not refreshing and showing the style sheet commands etc, I refreshed and it seems pop back in.

I have noticed that it takes a long time for RPI3 to find the files and update the database, apart from that it works great and will be amazing when some of the minor bugs are worked out.

just new also and hope my 2 cents helped.

Thanks for your answer. Well, at least I know now that upgrading the board would possibly not help much.

Any advice on the other issues?

Hi, I have a Raspberry Pi3 with Raspberry Touchscreen. I can’t recall I ever had any issues with it. I have two power cords attached, one to Rpi3 and one to the touchscreen. Maybe you should try that if you haven’t done that yet. My Volumio build is 2.246. The other I can think of is that the microsd-card is faulty or not fast enough.

this may help with your performance issues ?


On 2.246, scrolling is laggy on the touchscreen for me too - I think it’s something to do with the change in the way that album art is handled. One solution is to have a touchscreen specific UI - I did make a start on this (mainly removing some parts of the UI that I don’t use, and making the add to playlist/browse icons more touchscreen friendly than the hamburger menu) and tried to make a start on having some way of alphabetic options.

Theoretically, just showing albums/artists starting with a particular letter should mean that the Pi is showing fewer assets on screen, so hopefully the browser on the touchscreen should be a little more responsive.

Sadly, though, life has got in the way and I haven’t been able to work on it for the last month or so - here’s hoping that life calms down a bit and I can get back to it :laughing:

Hi Guys,

when I was connecting a network share this would create the screen lag, when I plugged in just a usb stick it went away and became very stable. hope it helps. On the screen blanking try this below

hdmi_blanking=1 " to /boot/config.txt.

Just seen this, the latest versions are still laggy when browsing the library. Does this mean that Volumio is pulling images from the network rather than caching them locally?