Volumio with Hostapd

So I’m pretty new to raspberry pi, and newer to volumio, but after a long time spent looking at different raspberry pi based media payers, I chose this one. Anyway, I download 1.55, get my sd flashed, and make sure I have all the right equipment-
ethernet cable (and wired connection)
32gb flash drive with all my music on
USB DAC (Fiio Q1)
USB keyboard
Edimax EW-7811Un Wi-Fi adapter

Anyway, I decided to follow a tutorial- volumio-built-access-point-edimax-7811un-t3524.html- so that I could not use any of my data on my phone to change the music, and instead use the wifi which would be provided from the device.

After a couple of attempts, I was able to connect to the Volumio hotspot, and maintain said connection from the kind of distances I would be holding it at (no more than a meter).

BUT, when I typed or the same without the slash, into my browser, I got the message “ERR: CONNECTION_REFUSED”. The same happened with Volumio.local/ and volumio.local.
If anyone needs to know any details about this to help solve my problem, I’ll put them up.