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Michelangelo created two days ago the offical Wiki for Volumio. (http://volumio.org/forum/developer-guide-t1828.html)

If you wanna help or you need some informations here is the offical Wiki :arrow_right: http://volumio.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

Yes guys. Now we have the platform set up. It is all ready to fill with docs and useful informations. I will do it step by step, especially after releasing the upcoming 1.5 version.
You are strongly encouraged to write any information you may find useful, also copying and pasting all the infos we have on the forum…
Hope this way we’ll have a better project and more devs will be encouraged to improve Volumio!
Thanks to everyone is going to jump into this.

Just added some “developers guide” info : volumio.org/wiki/index.php?title … evelopment

(Maybe you would like to put it on a separate page?)

Great, if you think it needs a separate page I’ll do as you suggest

There should be a page (and possibly a matrix) for hardware configurations (e.g. computer platform + DAC or computer platform + wifi card) where users can report whether a specific combination works, and if it requires special debug, how to do it (with links to forum posts, as necessary). I feel like I’m never sure if I catch everything in the forums, no matter how much I search.

I keep getting page not found on every wiki link i click on…

the wiki is currently closed. (too much spam from bots)

Wiki restored, added Spam countermeasures. You’re needed to register to maked edits. Enjoy! :wink:

I believe the wiki is down. (page not found errors)
Is this still used, or is it abandoned?

Yep, down since it was recently hacked.
However I still have the content, just waiting to have the time to set up a better solution than mediawiki.
If anyone has a suggestion…

I think that mediawiki is a very good solution, a lot of sites are using it, for example wiki.archlinux.org. That the server was hacked isn’t really the fault of mediawiki, more a lack of competence on the side of the admin. Other wikis will be hacked, too if you don’t set them up securely.
I suggest wikia.com/ as an alternative, because it does not require competence to set it up.

github.com/gollum/gollum Github projects use this for their Wiki. You can run it on a VPS or well, just use the Wiki on GitHub. (Which is what I would recommend!).