Volumio WiFi trouble occurring randomly on RPi3

I run Volumio 0.979 (the latest one) on a Raspberry Pi 3 with HifiBerry AMP+. So WiFi is built into the Pi.

I can easily connect to my WiFi network when having a cable in. The signal strength is good.

When I boot Volumio (or reboot) it seems I only have about 50% chance of Volumio connecting to the WiFi network. :astonished: If it doesn’t it becomes inaccessible (but a Volumio WiFi hotspot does appear in the list of WiFi networks available). I then pull the Pi’s power and start it up again, repeatedly, until Volumio works.

The WiFi problem seem to happen randomly; it’s very strange. :open_mouth:

(Maybe related, I sometimes have to use the IP address to access Volumio when volumio/ won’t work.)

As I need WiFi to work, I am quite desperate now for some guidance or new ideas… Thanks.

hey so if you login to the pi using the volumio hotspot , you can access the wifi settings . try connecting from there and the hotspot automatically disappears , and the pi wifi works , I’m having the same issue and until i learn more about Pi this works for me

Thanks, this is a good suggestion. Using the Volumio hotspot I can reboot the server gracefully until it does get WiFi connection.

My wifi network wasn’t recognised when the volumio AP was active. I decided to disable the AP option by changing hostapd.conf to hostapd.conf.unused in /etc/hostapd

mv /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf.unused 

Took me some trail and error before I had the correct config file. So it might be an other conf file depending on the Wifi adapter (I don’t use a rpi3) oh and sudo might be needed

Ah, a way of configuring the Volumio hotspot. Interesting. However, as I understood it the Volumio access point is disabled by default and is activated if and only if a network connection cannot be established.

Yes that is true and how its supposed to work. But upon first boot the wireless cant be setup because you haven’t provided a network nor a password.
Same go’s for later boot’s if the wireless connection times out or the connection starts later then the hotspot is triggered, the hotspot will be active.