Volumio Web App

Hey Guys,
I wrote an Android App which displays the Volumio Web Interface.
You have to enter your Volumio IP in the app, which you can find in your Routers Web Interface.
Normally it is something like 192.168.xxx.xx

Credits to michelangelo for creating such a great RpB Linux Distribution and Twerp for being the Beta Tester :smiley:

Play Store: play.google.com/store/apps/deta … pp_release

-Fixed “save” issue

-UI and Design improvements

-Initial Release
-minSdkVersion:17 (Android 4.2.2)

Does this appear in the Android notification pull-down menu? If so, that’s really neat.

Haha no the little guy in the notificationbar stands for “USB-Debugging”.

Hey there!

Great app, thanks very much! I would like to ask if this is maybe a bug?

When a song is played, the play-button is displayed. When a song is paused, the pause-button is displayed. Shouln’t this be vice-versa?


This is a quirk of the Volumio web interface itself. You’ll have to see if Michelangelo can remedy it.

Thanks. I wrote a mail to info@volumio.org, this address is given at the Google Play Store page of this app.

PS: Also I think the app-icon is a little too small and it’s resolution is a bit too low.


  • I’ve found a problem on a tablet 7" low res (1024x600)

If I use firefox all works fine.

Using the app (landscape) the “Library” tab shows nothing except a dark bar on top (some styling error I think?), no artist names/folders/tabs/songs.
The whole content table is missing.

Using it portrait the low buttons doesn’t show ( the browse, library, playlist etc).

I think it’s an app problem because the web page seems fully scalable and works fine on firefox…

Tried on higher res androids and no issues, just on this low res tablet.
Will post some screens if needed.

Ad-bot? First time I’m seeing one on this forum :laughing:

@Meryn : I think, so I will remove the message and bann the ip unless some ask to keep it…

As posted here https://volumio.org/forum/browser-compatibility-for-web-t2760.html#p12806 I observe a “scrambled” playback tab when using the app.

The ring and pointer sourrounding the track runtime indicator are misplaced or not shown on my android smart phone (Huawei Ascent P7mini).



Is there any point to having a standalone app vs. saving a link to your homescreen?

I’ve experienced the same. The display on my Samsung GT-N8010 10,1" tablet, that the browse, library, playback and the playlist tab on the bottom, I can’t barely see it. On my Samsung S4, this looks very good, but when I choose Library, I see the tabs for genres, artists, album and songs, but no data. But when I use WebUI, I see all these information.
I like this app, but it would be great if these bugs could be fixed.
Or I’m doing something wrong.

Kindest regards,


I think you have answered your own question - on one device it’s fine, on another it’s not - that doesn’t make it the fault of the app.

It works fine on my iPad, my HTC phone and my Macbook, using Chrome and Safari and the built-in Android browser on my phone…

The app doesn’t display the same information as the Web UI. When I use the browser, Chrome, I can see everything I want, but not in the app. Unless I’m misunderstating things.

My problem is that I have two China tablets using android 4.1.1 and 4.0.3 used as remote controls and
old HTC Sensation phone with android 2.3.4, but Volumio remote app is not compatible with any of them.
As I understand it only works with Android 4.2 and higher, so its useless for any older hardware.
I not like replacing hardware every year if old is working. My question is if there is any hope that app will support older hardware?
From other apps I tried Droid MPD Client, but it is not working properly for me (have somehow disarranged screen).
Maybe someone has a suggestion for another remote software supporting older Android versions?

Can’t you use the webUi page from a web browser?

It is a way, but not very convenient, because preinstalled browser on tablet after restart not revert to home page but last viewed page, and browser in phone always has uncompleted progress bar on top that is blocking access to buttons on top. I will tray to install another browser and tray it out. Another thing is that after some time in all browsers (including Firefox on PC) fall to spinning arrows and text “connecting” until I hit reload.

I managed to install unofficial android 4.2 in one of my tablets and install web-app. There is one annoying thing: if I rotate tablet screen falls back to Playback screen and if i change back to Browser screen library tree is fully collapsed. In browser (same tablet) rotating works without this problem.

Hey Guys,
sry for not replying to your questions and requests :smiley:
In the next few days/weeks i will try to significantly improve the app by your suggestions, which i`ll list in this post.

-Favorites (so you can control more than one Volumio Device with out typing the IP every time)
-Input Type only numbers, so you dont have a typo every second time -I try to use an Input Mask, so you only have to type numbers, not the points ([github.com/toshikurauchi/MaskedEditText](https://github.com/toshikurauchi/MaskedEditText) -> I just cant get this to work :frowning:
-Hiding Status Bar
-Adapting the App for older Versions of Android (maybe I will adapt it to android 4+)

-Some Scaling Issues
-Better Icon (Higher Resolution)

If you have found any Bugs or you want a new feature, you can e-mail me at moritz.loewenstein@gmx.de or post a reply in this thread :smiley:
Please dont judge me if next week or so no update is appearing, Im still in school and sometimes just don`t have time to do what I really want :wink:

Stay Tuned,

Thanks for efforts to continue development of web-app :slight_smile:.

I need to tell about some problems in current version (other than I mentioned in my previous post):

  1. sometimes circular bar for song progress is lost.
  2. on pad with high resolution screen (2048*1536) copy of song progress bar is displayed in left upper corner of screen
  3. on pad with high resolution screen (2048*1536) sometime spinning arrows for database update are not only spinning around, but also circling around (about 1/5 of screen)
  4. if song name in database view is very long and covering action button, this makes impossible to push that button

Some thing that i might suggest:

  1. four buttons (stop,play…) are very small and hard to target on cheep chinese pads with rough touchscreens
  2. back button leading to address screen is very inconvenient for me because it is used as close button on many applications.