Volumio vs windows 10 sound

I have a topping e30 dac and I am streaming through volumio qobuz, etc…
Today I wanted to check also the sound conencted to Windows 10 with qobuz. So I have conencted the dac to my windows 10 laptop and I have select wasapi exclusive mode in qobuz app.
Now my question :slight_smile:
I think the sound is more clear on windows 10 or is just psychological change?
What do you think

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this will become a discussion topic.

If both system sent out data that is bit perfect, there is no differences.
Otherwise it would be the same as claiming that the content of a downloaded email has better phrases then the online version…
However E30 delivers drivers for W10, no clue if this will impact the audio.

you could get more noise over a pc …

The dac was automatically detected no drives needed to install.
I thought so.
Anyway is so unconvinient to listen on the laptop.

And it your case your not doing a honest compare.
Qubuz application VS Volumio Qobuz integration.
If you want an honest compare, you should only change one parameter.
In this case you change the hardware, player and OS.
Still in this case you still can’t compare Volumio, but at least the OS impact…

  • Laptop A + Windows 10 + Qobuz webplayer (not the app)
  • Laptop A + Raspberry Pi Desktop + Qobuz webplayer

We can assume that there is no loss in quality with the Qobuz integration of Volumio

  • Laptop A + Windows 10 + Qobuz webplayer (not the app)
  • Laptop A + Volumio + Qobuz integration

I would still opt for some local audio files to compare them both. Steaming services can differ greatly from OS to OS.
Download some high quality audio files and compare them. Preferably some songs you like and know. Hotel California is often used because everyone knows that track, might not be the best quality but so recognizable for almost every single person.