Volumio vs. Audio-GD NOS-11: DSD "Convert to PCM"


I hope someone can help me.

I once used Volumio back in the day before MyVolumio! I was very happy with it until something somewhere in the code changed making quite a bit of my digital collection unplayable.

The culprit was “Convert to PCM”.

I have many DSD files (as well as FLAC, etc.) which are stored on a QNAP NAS and were streamed to a Pi running Volumio.

My HiFi of choice is:
Pi → USB2 → Audio-GD NOS-11 → Audio-GD Master-3 → Linn 109s

I couldn’t seem to get any straight answers way back then so moved to Roon. Maybe there’s been some developments since then? As much as I like Roon, I have a single end-point implementation and listen to radio and local digital stuff.

Can anyone advise if I came back to Volumio my really rather nice NOS-11 can be used to play back my DSD files via USB from a Pi?

Thanks in advance.


The NOS-11: ºÍ§Ó­µ响