Volumio Volume Issue

Hi to all!
I just installed Volumio into one of my RPI3B devices but the volume still very low
I also tried to set “100%” but the volume still very low
Also tried to change hardware mixer to software and it seems to take a little advantage but still low

May you help me please?

More info would help understand your problem.

What output connection are you using from the R Pi?
What is connected to that output?

Jack to RCA cable
Connected to my McIntosh MA2275 integrated amplifier

Not a good arrangement, the headphone socket has poor sound, and apparently not enough level to drive your amp properly.
Get a DAC hat such as the Allo Boss V1.2, it has a good DAC and line level output on a pair of RCA sockets.

If this is a definite solution for my trouble, i’ll buy the relative DAC
This is OK for my solution on Volumio? DAC I-Sabre ES9038Q2M for Raspberry

That should work for your needs.

But I’m not sure why you wouldn’t choose this well regarded Allo Boss for what seems to be the same price.

I just supposed the latest ESS DAC was better than an old one
I am wrong? I’m in doubt about this, ES9038 or ES9038Pro
But, if you say the Allo Boss with TexasInstruments DAC is good/better than ESS one, i trust in you… is this right?

Don’t take my word for it, I don’t know the DAC you’ve asked about. It could be better, it could work well, I’ve never used one and am unaware of that brand of DACs.