Volumio Version 2 - Upgrade to bigger sd-card with WinDiskManager32 - No automatical resize

Hi folks,
System Raspi 3
Volumio 4.19.118-v7+ #1311
The Problem:
I imaged my Volumio -System with WindDiskManager32 and wrote it back to a bigger sd-Card.
Because i had quite a lot of music and settings on the old system i chose to image the whole old sd-card and not to start with a “fresh”, official image.

The system is up and running. Unfortunately the “automatical resize on first boot” does not take place.
I suppose that is because it is not the first boot of the system (it is an “older” system imaged to another sd-card).
Is there a possibility to resize the partition to fit the whole (now bigger) sd-card?
all Best

Solution has probably been described here.

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thx gvolt for the quick help.
" touch /boot/resize-volumio-datapart" did the job
Enjoy christmas time!
all best

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