Volumio ver 3.251 and Rotel A14 MkII. Rotel not showning anymore in "Output Device"


All was working well until this weekend when I turned on Pi with Volumio 3 and tried to play music.

Now all I get in DropDown for Output device is HDMI or Headphones. My Rotel is connected with USB cable and Rotel is set to USB ver 2.0.

repeat, All was working fine for months…

Any ideas?

Logs ==> http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/HHALHhc.html


according the log, the raspberry kernel does not, at any point, see a usb audio device and there are no usb errors either! Do you have a USB cable issue? Try another cable and port.


I tried all 4 ports on the Pi…

Will try changing cable and let you know…