Volumio V3.251 with Tidal Connect Sound Issue (clicking/popping & volume low)

So I have been using the Nanosound DAC Pro & amp for a few years and running Volumio version 2 with no issue. Lately I am trying out Tidal with HiFi plus account and it’s wonderful, hence I’m upgrading Volumio from version 2 to 3 for the native Tidal Connect support.

It works, but, and it’s a big but. There’s a clicking/popping sound while the song is playing through Tidal Connect, there’s no such clicking sound while I’m listing to the web radio; using Spotify Connect; or streaming music from my NAS. Very strange and annoying, I have tried to mess around under the playback option but it doesn’t seems working.

Secondly, when volume set somewhere between 5 - 25, the output volume is extremely low, like I have to put my ear next to the speaker to listen. For a decent background music I have to set it to 40, which for web radio; Spotify or stream from NAS is kinda loud. Again, messing around the setting tab doesn’t seems to work.

Just wondering if someone also have this kind of issue of work around.

p.s. I don’t want to upgrade to V3.301 because the DAC isn’t supported, still in beta mode and I can’t get it run, only V3.251 is stable at the moment (I spoke with Nanosound directly)

Appreciate in advance.