Volumio v3.233 on Tinkerboard S - Check Updates broken :/

Very surprised by this request. So you buy an iPhone and next complain because you want to have Android on it??

We will cover shipment and repair, only if the process done by our technician goes wrong.

I think you are mixing 2 unrelated topics: Primo is an open ecosystem, but you will agree with me that a safety precaution like this has nothing to do with sharing information.

Basically what our technician is going to do is update the squashfs system on your Primo to a later version, that’s it.

Since this operation can go wrong, we prefer having someone competent to do it for you.
Otherwise, how can we discern if you made a mistake when applying this fix? Will you be happy if it has to be sent back for repairs?

This is something we already have. From our experience, asking users to apply this kind of procedure is a mixed bag: some manage to do it properly, some don’t. Considering that in the price you paid there is also the highest support that we can provide, we are happy to remove any hassle from your side.

As for bootloaders and all other info, we already publish them:

A comparison is not an argument. :upside_down_face:
I will never buy an Iphone because I would always prefer the combo “android/opened bootloader/xda community plenty of gorgeous alternative firmware”. It’s two opposite philosophies with freedom as major difference…

Thank you for sharing, I know that not every hardware seller companies are involved in opening their boot loader.Unfortunately my skills are maybe not at the level of my enthusiasm
The fact is that primo is just a tinkerboard with a soudn card and I’m surprised not to easily find forum topics regarding “alternative volumio primo firmware flashing how to”.
If you could point me any interesting source… this would be awesome

I get that, It just a question form my side. As I can’t get my head around the idea, to buy a tailored device, as i would have saved my money and buy a rPi with a DAC of my choosing and do whatever I want with it. But I wouldn’t by a Primo with the intension of putting Dietpi, rune,… on it.


Davide from tech support, pleased to help you

Find here the link to book a quick and solving remote session.
Volumio Help Center - Jira Service Management (atlassian.net)

Please always refer to our official support channel for any inquiry, especially the ones related to our product.
Contact Us | Volumio

Thank you so much!


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booked thx

I turned a lot around this question before buying mine.
It appears to be difficult to build your own solution with the result level you reach with Primo in term of sound quality, I/O power, quality of assembly, appearance …etc. In my opinion a very nice piece of hardware with no real competitor… especially if you find it second hand…
My problem is more with the software itself, I know volumio for years and even if it globally works, it has always disappointed me with plenty of bugs, regression, limitation, odd behaviour across version.
Moode audio is my first choice from far in term of software

Hi, Davide just fixed my device !
I’m super happy :slight_smile:
Thanks Davide !

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Hello, if I do a factory reset, will this also solve the problem?
Greetings Joerg

No… You really need to contact the support.

OK, understood
then we’ll do it

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I am having the same problem right now, RPi and v 3.245

I tried to generate a log but that tool is also hanging. Are some of Volumio’s servers down?

EDIT: It’s working again. I have no idea whether it was a Volumio bug at my end or an issue on the Volumio server.

5✨ support from Davide with fixing my Primo! Many thanks!

I’ve had this problem for a while without finding any solution. Found this thread yesterday and was wondering why I didn’t find it earlier, just realized that it’s newer than last time I was searching for a solution.

Just booked a support session, but don’t really see how to solve it remote, I can’t reach my primo at all trough SSH. Can i prepare something from the web UI?

To answer myself, I couldn’t connect via SSH since it was not active. Found in an other thread about dev settings “IPofVOLUMIO/dev” where it was possible to activate SSH.

Hi Frisk,
I had my support for my primo 2 days ago.
You need a PC/Mac with Teamviewer and a headset for the chat (english) with the support.
You can turn on ssh on the primo in preparation.
In the browser of your choice, simply type ‘volumio.local/dev/’, then ‘enable’ SSH. That is all.

Thanks for your information!
I prepared with teamviewer and enabeled ssh-connection but I didn’t need the teamviewer, had the conversation in the meeting room available in the meeting invitation and I was also able to share my screen from there. Got the command to run in the chat and everything was up and running in notime.

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I am getting the same issue with a Volumio Primo on the same V3.233. I see the tread here that Support is only offering to fix the bug remotely? ABSOLUTELY NOT, nobody RATs or ssh into my network other than me. Please provide the git commands to reload the image and correct the problem. I paid to the device, do not hold me hostage.

Yes I agree and the command - I should have note some where - is only a simple wget impossible to mess with… People with linux skills should be treated differently, even by PM, the situation is disapointing even if I can imagine a posssible problem of responsability and financial risk for a 600 euros item and/or a campaign of after-sale…