Volumio v2.915 download file!

can someone help me with v2.915? installation file.

I dont like the v3 version.

Can you elaborate ?


Click on hints at topic: Volumio 3 does not work for me yet, some things I need are still missing

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Can anyone supply a link to download v2.915 pls? Thanks

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You will find the download links for the latest Volumio 2 version when you follow @Wheaten’s guide 2 posts back.

I miss the plugins, and why an account for the plugins?

Thanks @gkkpch i didnt see the dropdown to expand on the topic to see the link.

Older volumio versions .img files - #51 by rumloser
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This. I just want to use Volumio with the Roon Bridge. A MyVolumio account is useless to me. I regret upgrading one of my devices, sure won’t be upgrading my others.