Volumio URL commands

Is there any way to invoke playlist or radio playback using the url command with the volumio ip address ?
I need it to create radio station buttons in Home Assistant, I don’t want to use volumio menu.
for example and after press button with this url start play radio_xxxxx

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Perhaps this helps you…

The simplest way to do this is via the Volumio integration in HA. That should then identify and give you options to configure all the Volumio devices on your network

It should give you a new entities media_player.name_of_your_volumio_device for each of the devices. You can then make a button with the action media_player.select source for each device entity, and you can enter the name of the playlist to play (or use an input_select to set up a list).

You can’t play radio streams directly this way, but you can add the stream(s) to a playlist in Volumio and then play that. That’s how I do it on mine, and have full control that way.