Volumio upgrade took RPi4 off network, bricked my streamer

I’ve been using Volumio to control my Raspberry Pi 4b with a HifiBerry DAC HD for the last couple months streaming Qobuz, and I was pretty happy with it. I was controlling it through my Android phone, and although the app would lock up or become unresponsive after a few minutes, I could always close it and bring it back up, and it would function again

On December 7, I received the email indicating that there was a new version of Volumio available, and a new Premium subscription plan for an additional fee. I hit the upgrade button embedded in the email, signed up for the additional fee, saw that the app was doing its thing, and left it alone. When I came back, the app would not connect, and the RPi and Volumio no longer showed up on my wi-fi network. I etched a new sd card with the latest version of VolumioOS, and that also wouldn’t connect to the network or allow me to access it via the Android app. Tried many times in the last week.

Today was the first day I had a chance to connect the RPi/DAC combination to a monitor to see if VolumioOS was even booting, and it does boot to a command line.

So: In the last week

  1. The Volumio software upgrade made the software inaccessible to the app, and kicked my RPi off my home network.
  2. I paid extra money to upgrade my Volumio subscription for this privilege.
  3. My Qobuz subscription (which I also pay for) is completely inaccessible to me.

The command line prompt of VolumioOS on both the original MicroSD card and the fresh install on a new one both ask for a login and, I assume, will ask for a password. This has taken way too much time and frustration. Where do I go from here? It would have been better if I had ignored the email and left my system functional as it was before.

Thanks in advance for your help.

If you’ have read carefully the big pop-up window when you hit to update, you have seen warning telling all settings will be reset. WiFi included.
So if your Rpi is connected by WiFi, it creates a hotspot on which you have to connect to, in order to set the WiFi networks for your local network.
Other way is to plug an ethernet cable to perform the setup
Last, volumio is headless, nothing is displayed on its hdmi output… You have to access from a other device on the same network (smart) or install the plugin touch display for a local display.