Volumio update to 3.0 doesn't work

Volumio 3 Issues?

I am using volumio 2.916 on pc. When clicking on ‘check for system updates’ in settings, I get the message: ‘you are already using the latest version’. Should I do a total reinstallation of Volumio or is there an easier solution? Thanks Luc VdB

For x86 this is not supported, there is no other way than re-flash.

thanks gkkpch for this. I tried this but volumio is on my harddisk. When I reboot, volumio always boots again from my hardisk. I don’t seem to get it started from the newly flashed USB drive.

You need to dive into your BIOS and set the boot order preference for the USB drive.

Thank you BebeMischa, that worked. Luc

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