Volumio update 3.198 missing from Bubbleupnp server

I upgraded to 3.198 this evening. I immediately received a 404 error when trying to play the bubbleupnp server openhome renderer with bubbleupnp for Android as a controller. On restarting the bubbleupnp server Volumio was missing from the renderer list.

Volumio still plays ok using bubbleupnp controller in android but the bubbleupnp server on my network no longer sees it and I cannot now create an openhome renderer. This definitely happened on update, nothing else has changed. Has anybody else found this and is there to be an update fix? If not how do I roll back to the previous version?

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I guess it’s caused by the same update that broke the UPnP is some other apps and programs - Audirvana Studio no longer sees VOLUMIO 3 since update 3.198 - #3 by volumio

Thanks for the reply that’s interesting. Hopefully a fixed update will be released quickly.

The fix is in place and an update has already been built.

We are doing QA and testing and we will likely release it on monday

That’s great news. Thanks for getting on it so quickly.

Has this update been released yet. I don’t want to update without knowing.

Quite a long time since that Monday passed? :grinning: