Volumio TV App Feedback Thread

What do you think about the Volumio TV App?

  • I like it and I would definitely download it!
  • No, do not like it and do not find it useful.

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Hello ladies and gents!

This right here is a sneak peek of what we are working on, the Volumio TV App!

We wanna show you a preview on how this app will look on the TV. And with it, you will be able to control Volumio from your smart TV, just by using your TV’s remote control.

Would you find it useful? Would you download it on your smart TV? Tell us: what you like, what you don’t… Any feedback is welcome!

Vote and gives us your opinion! :wink:
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It would be nice to integrate the TV style natitelly (locally) as well, so users can use there remote control without the app as remote bridge

For me Volumio is about (hifi) music, a tv is not part of that.

I disagree. You are right that Volumio is about Hifi Music, but it is also about usability and UX. If a TV app can give the usabliity/UX a boost, then it’s a good development in my opinion

I agree: for me a big part of the quality of a listening session is how comfortable it is

Does it will include the possibility to show video content? (i.e. YouTube plugin? :wink: )

I am very curious how the development is going so far. Is it possible to test or are you waiting for Tizen’s/Samsung’s acceptance?