Volumio streamer to dac using tda1541a S2.

Started to experiment a bit using a 3B, Isolator, hifiberry digi+ pro feeding a tda1541a dac via i2s.

From, how much could I get on a piece of wood to something else with many separated power supply’s for every powerline and ending up with a nice tube end.

Two relais for switching between 3B/i2s and coax/optical input.

Sounding really nice!

Using Volumio and streaming Qubuz, Minimserver, Tidal perfectly.

Really surprised how superb a Philips tda1541/A/S2 sounds.

Now searching to get one transformer with separate windings for all powerlines to save some space.

Result fun doing this.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G960F met Tapatalk