Volumio stops when connected to Hdmi

Okay, so set set my volumio up on my RPI3b.
It works great on 3.5mm plug, but whenever i connect a hdmi my home stereo system the webcontrol just stops working.
I configured it to HDMI out, when i plug it out of my home stereo system it just works again.
I tried all the ports.
Does anyone know what i should do and if not
does anyone knows if volumio works with a male to male usb to connect to my Pioneer vsx-827?

Try to plug the HDMI in when the Pi is powered of and then start it up.
And so far I see, your receivers USB port is just for USB sticks and such. Its not a USB soundcard

I plugged it in when the pi was powered off, also the usb port was designed to plug iphone and such in.

Do you see anything on the your TV while the pi is booting?

Your receiver is presenting itself as host for mass storage devices, an Ipod is in this case just a better mass storage device.
It would be a pretty neat feature of such av receiver but it will not present itself as soundcard to the pi.