Volumio stops after half an hour, gives up after hours

Hi everybody,

Today I installed Volumio 0.979, and added three NAS NFS mounts in the setup. Immediately Volumio started browsing the first, meanwhile I started listening to some webradio, and switched to a long mp3 a bit later (2 hour mix, don’t know if this is relevant).

After about half an hour into the mp3, I noticed that the web interface suddenly showed a “waiting” cursor, and Volumio appeared no longer to be responding. After refreshing the browser, everything looked fine again.

This has repeated itself several times, and after about 6 hours of scanning the first mount, Volumio gave up. Refreshing didn’t work, I couldn’t SSH into the Pi, nothing worked. I had to reboot the Pi the bad way (pulled the plug), and noticed that there were no songs in the database anymore :frowning:

In short:
Volumio has a hard time scanning large directories, and basically gives up after a while
Stuff that has been scanned does not get saved immediately, so a crash/reboot/whatever failure negates the work that has been done before

I admit the mounted shares were quite large: my collection is set up as follows (for now)
about 1 TB of mp3s -> this was the share Volumio (almost) finished scanning
about 400 GB of flacs
about 400 Gb of rips from my CD collection

I hope someone can address these issues, or that I perhaps can be of assistance testing Volumio a bit further.



I had the same here, with volumio-2.000-2016-10-13-pi on 2 different Raspberry B+.

“mpc update” from a NAS was stalling after a couple of minutes. This could be nicely seen with “sudo journalctl -f”. Was not caused by faulty tags, weak power supply etc.

My workaround was to read in the database on a Pi 3, and then using the SD card on the B+.

However, playback on B+ is not stable, it will hang after a varying amount of songs, sometimes recover, sometimes not.

I believe it has to do with CPU utilization and possibly too high memory consumption on the B+ (“top” shows some quite high figures, compared to Volumio 1.55), as the Pi 3 and another Pi 2 plays happily ever after.

Best regards,

For those who also experience stuttering (like a hanging record, and eventual resume after 1-2 minutes) when playing back music from a NAS on a Pi B+ with Volumio 2, the following settings did work like a charm in my setup.

This thread raspberry-and-volumio-979-not-responding-t4618.html was discussing memory consumption, and usage of swap memory, and led me to the following changes:

sudo nano /bin/dynswap.sh ---> change existing commands fallocate -l 96M /data/swapfile sysctl vm.swappiness=0

Now delete the existing 512MB swap file. On the next start, a 96MB swap file will be created.

sudo swapoff -a rm /data/swapfile

To force the system to keep more free RAM, apply the following changes:

sudo nano /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf ---> add after last line vm.min_free_kbytes = 8192 vm.swappiness=0

Now reboot

sudo reboot

Check the effectiveness of your settings with

cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness cat /proc/sys/vm/min_free_kbytes

Interesting… It would be nice to see if those settings prove to be stable enough, also on first boot…

I’ll just applied the same changes on my pi0

so far the UI works incredible fast and responsive now. (I will test the music playback later)


have a same problem with my Pi2. Did a couple of runs, but mpd can not index my whole library. I have only aboit 80GB on a NAS.

Is this fix working for others?