Volumio static IP v.s. automatic IP

Hi there,

can You please verify why with Static IP in WiFi settings:

  1. no plugins are displayed, except already installed plugins
  2. searching for Volumio updates does not bring any result but a message ‘please wait’…
  3. Volumio Connect disappears from all Spotify clients within the same network.

Switching to Automatic IP setting resolves all issues above.


Sounds as if there is something wrong with the configuration when set to static IP.
Looks as if the Pi cannaot get access to the internet. Are the settings for DNS and gateway correct?

I think the easier/better way is to leave the Pi at Automatic IP and to set a DHCP reservation in your router. Then you do not have to worry about setting gateways etc. on the Pi, and the Pi can always reconnect to the router (even with a new IP).

Thanks for Your both replies.
Setting are lookin good.
However, meanwhile I did already what PaulM described.
That works fine and I’ll leave it that way.