Volumio Stability is great!

I’m not new, don’t really read or post, but …

I do want to say that the recent couple of Volumio releases are great!

For me it’s about stability. In the past, I’d have to restart my RPi Volumios quite often. Not any more! I think that the one I’m listening to now has been running over a week. I can’t tell you more because I don’t pay attention. I just click play and … it plays!

Kudos to the Volumio team.


Thanks! We always get to hear the angry ones, and hearing that people enjoy their music with what we do is really something that drives us!

Thanks again and enjoy!


You are welcome!

To be honest, there have been periods of time where I was very disappointed with Volumio. However, I’m glad that I waited it out (expecially, I think, version 2.x). I really enjoy that it is now a real “appliance” and I don’t have to dread trying to start it up.

@volumio - I have to agree with @jncraig that the stability of Volumio v3 is vastly improved. In the past Volumio would quit working if my Internet connection went down, but that is not the case with V3 - it remains online no matter what, and has provided me with countless hours of music enjoyment. Having said that, there was a hiccup with a recent release and USB storage devices, but a release with a fix was out before I even realized the problem. Kudos to the Dev staff for the quick turnaround and a much more stable platform.

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I have to agree, apart from the Spotify plugin issues, V3 has been really stable. The Manifest gui and multiroom support are the other features that have made the whole thing seem more polished and user friendly.