VOLUMIO soundcheck invitation for Hamburg, Germany

Hi volumio friends,

next soundcheck is in preparation.
And this is the great news:
We might have a new and promising candidate.
audiophonics.fr lends me a dual ES9038Q2M DAC board !
Hope to get it work with volumio. :slight_smile:
should run at least with the buster version?

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Hi volumio music lovers!

The soundcheck is the best place to see in real and hear all the best I²S DAC Boards around.

So, this is the invitation for next Soundcheck on August, 6, 8pm.

Everyone is invited to come to Hamburg for this unique volumio event.
So, it’s free to come. just write an email to linux @ kompage.de to register and getting more information…

I like to compare these devices:
01 Orchard Audio: PecanPi DAC streamer PSU: OSA ULPS1225b
02 Audiophonics: EVO-SABRE 2x9038 PSU: iFi IpowerX 9V
03 abacus: AroioDac with Isolator PSU: NT-25HQ-09
04 Collybia: Mamboberry Precision DAC+ PSU: Collybia
05 OSA electronics: DACBerry pro+ with Isolator PSU: OSA ULPS1225a
06 allo: Piano 2.1 with kali PSU: NT-25HQ-09
07 Nanomesher: Nanosound DAC2 PSU: OSA ULPS1225a
08 Volumio: ‘Primo’ (on Tinkerboard S) PSU: OSA ULPS1225a

Soundsystem: cambridge audio 740A amp,
(practically same PCB like cambridge 651W amp, plus preamp option)
The amp is also modified for better SQ from Mr. Horwege
ELAC loudspeaker (2xFS78&2xBS244.3)
8 port line switch from dodocus
Lastest Volumio Version on RPI3b+

Soundcheck is an independent and non profit association of HI-FI enthusiasts, gathering together to evaluate with double-blind methodology several Audio equipments. (typically I2S hats for Raspberry PI)
Many thanks to all supporters, to make this soundcheck as great as it is!
(Orchardaudio, allo, collybia, osa, nanomesher, audiophonics and last but not least volumio)


I forgot to say that you also have the opportunity to see the new volumio T-Shirt! :wink:

Could come but maybe next time around, will wait for the result as I find them really interesting. keep it up :wink:

hey diamonddust. Thanks and welcome to the volumio forum.
You missed somthing yesterday :wink:

Hey music lovers

yeah, we did the soundcheck yesterday. :slight_smile:

10 listeners aged from 17 to 78 did find the way to this unique volumio soundcheck.

Some of them were at soundcheck before. So we could say that all devices are more close to each other.

You can’t go really wrong with one of these devies! Each device does have a special purpose.

nanosound dac for example is very tricky. with this one you can add an OLED and this works like a charme, updates will work, because this is made via plugin… additional amp is also avaible…

Dacberrypro+ does have a dedicated Headpone amp/Jack and primo does have analog and digital output options…

So after hearing the playlist we start the discussion. this is always very interesting.

There was no ‘one’ winner.
We decided to put out the devices wich no one had as number one or two.

So Pecan Pi, Aroio, Mamboberry and evo sabre were votet for final round.
We find , that these were very, very closed to each other.

At this point some loved more the ESS boards, some of us more the TI boards.
Aroio is very precise, sometimes to technical so pecan pi was more enjayable.
pecan pi is very detailed and very present. one said this presence is exhausting.

This is the point going to ESS. When some are more loving this presence others like to have a bit more distance to the soundtheatre.

This was our Playlist yesterday:
All files in different formats (mp3,flac up to 192)

Soundcheck is an independent and non profit association of HI-FI enthusiasts, gathering together to evaluate with double-blind methodology several Audio equipments. (typically I2S hats for Raspberry PI)
Many thanks to all supporters, to make this soundcheck as great as it is!
(Orchardaudio, allo, collybia, osa, nanomesher, audiophonics and last but not least volumio)

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HI everyone!

We have just released our new NanoSound ONE Case and NanoSound DAC 2s. NanoSound ONE is more designed for consumer market who want a no fuss solution with a solid alumimium and a nice heat sink

NanoSound DAC2s is an improvements over DAC2 with better capacitor and 2oz PCB.

Which one do you want to test with your next sound check? :slight_smile:
Also for those who loves listening CD , dont forget to check our free NanoSound CD software for volumio which we have made lots of improvements.



Hi nanomesher!

WOW, this is a great offer and a pleasure for us to test one of your new audio products.

We value your solutions that really work. In particular the infrared remote control, the OLED display and of course the Nanosound CD plugin.

We remember your DAC2 in our last soundcheck as good player. Along with the other functions i discribed you are unique in this area.

i read on your site that you did made improvments in sound:
“NanoSound DAC 2s has made small but important improvements to DAC 2”.

I also read that the NanoSound ONE Player have also the PCM5122 as DAC and comes also with these improvements.

If you not saying there is a big difference in sound between both I am more curious whether this small, smart DAC ONE alu case will bring a great sound to the amplifier at this attractive price.

HI everybody,

thanks alot for your tests! I’m planning to build a pi with a DAC, all completely battery powered.
Right now I have a Pi Zero with BOSS mini and a Lehmann Audio Rhinelander. The Pi Zero I “stole” from my kitchen where it should be again in the future.
I read a lot of good things about that Abacus Aroio so probably I will try that device but with an isolator.
@ judydudi,: Did you had any troubles with higher bitrates with the mentioned isolator and the Aroio?
I would like to place the PI and the DAC in different housings connection them with a IDE(?) cable. Has sowebody done this before? Will the Aroio work with a Pi Zero too? The power of the zero is ok for me and I think it needs less power.
Test on!
regards Han

Hi Nator,

thanks for sharing your project.
Aroio should work as expected in your setup.
To be 100% save, you should call https://www.abacus-electronics.de

My favorite mobile setup is Dacberry pro+ with Raspberry Pi 3A+.
OSA does have a case for the Pi3A+ with OLED support for the Dacberry ONE+, so for this i had to make headphone hole bigger.

good luck!

Hi judydudi,
it won’t be a mobile setup. Batterys are for the “cleanest” power source only :slight_smile: Maybe just “High-End” magic, but on the other hand I like to have some simple electronics to plan and build. It will be in an 19" Rack, maybe not the batterys. So if someone is interested in pictures during the build I can post ist. Let me know.

do you plan to test a “real” Reference DAC ? I think it would be interesting if someone heres a difference to a 1000€ DAC.

I love getting emails like these from customers.

Orchard Audio holiday sale ends December 10th,
Use code “holiday15%” at checkout.

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The pecan is far superior to most boards? Much speaks for it!

After years of listening to almost all I2S RPi Dac’s and some USB Dac’s, we come across a handful of devices that inspire us, even excite us. the PecanPi definitely belongs to this group.

I expect the PecanPi® DAC Rev 2.0 board the next days and will prepare it for the next soundcheck.
Thanks leo for the great support!

At the moment I can’t say when the next souncheck will take place. you know why.

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Hi folks,
the year is gonna to be over.
looking back we had two nice soundchecks this year.
Thanks for all followers and supporters.

We will start next year as soon as possible.

Still think it’s the best idea to come together to compare all best I2S DAC boards on the market.

these are the new boards we have to compare:

  1. PecanPI DAC Version 2.0 just arrived at Soundcheck!
    An ultra-high performance next-generation stereo Dual 1794A DAC
    Many thanks for leo, for his great support!

  2. NanoSound One DAC
    a case included PCM5122 DAC board for RPI4

  3. OSA DacBerry RDY+
    A PCM5142 DAC incl. headphone amp
    Many thanks to Oriol for his great support!

Will compare them with classic selection (primo, mambo, …)
So, next comparing will be interessting again. :wink:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.



I hope these can return soon as more and more people are vaccinated.

Any interest in adding my new amp to one of your sound checks?


Hello Leo,
many thanks for your offer.
But of course I’m interested in your new amplifier :smiley:. Your DAC board is already superb, so how will your amplifier be?
We can make to rounds of listening one with your Starkrimson® Stereo Ultra, one with my pimped Cambridge Audio amp.

I see you have a 20% off preorder pricing to June 30th. :+1:

I’ll do next soundcheck after summer vacation.
Best, jens


I am sure we will be able to arrange something. I have a unit that will be going to Greece for review. Maybe after you can have it for one of your soundchecks.


Hi There,

Any plans to organize dac testing days soon? I had a privilege to join one of the events and looking forward to it. By the way, I have an Audio Note signature DAC 2.1 signature which I can bring for reference to test if you want. :wink:

Hi Judidudi,

I always have enjoyed your talks about the soundcheck evenings and really miss them. I hope, the Covid situation will let you continue this activity in 2022.

BR, Zoltan

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