Volumio Sound Quality deterioated over time using updates

Hi All,

I know this sounds provoking. The updates of Volumio make sound Volumio gradually sound worse.

But let me explain what happened to me over the time using Volumio. I use it for about 3 years I believe. During this time I always made images of my SD Card as I know they can go bust any time. So the idea was to have a backup and I have now a few images of my Volumio installs from different times back through those 3 years.

For a while now I was getting more and more unhappy with the sound quality of my RPI and I was starting looking into my speakers, the room treatment, even the amplifier, had other amplifiers testing etc etc…

Then the new GUI came along with Volumio and besides I don’t like it as it seems very cluttered, the update was also messing around with my external USB harddisk, Volumio did plain refused to re-index the music on it and kept stucking in certains screens…

Since I had a music afternoon with friends I played back a backup image from spring 2019 and everything was working fine again, BUT the music quality was smashing, just as I remembered it when I came to Volumio. The harshness is gone, the smoothness and balance is back, the music is open and wide and detailed as it was.

This is easy for you to test yourself. If you have an backup image, play it on a SD card and hear for yourself.

Thought I share this. For me no updates anymore… I am happy with version 2.444


This is interesting.
There is some evidence that satisfaction with newer volumio versions has decreased. Nevertheless, there are some improvements that come with new versions.
just two example:

Maybe there is an interest to compare these versions in a soundcheck:
V. 2.246 vs. .2.444 vs. 2.587 vs. 2.713 vs. …
on a volumio-soundcheck-invitation-for-hamburg-germany-t5918-230.html
good day, j