Volumio shows details of wrong song in playing window

I am using the latest version of Volumio on a laptop but the problem has occurred in previous versions. When I add an album - or a selection of tracks - to the queue it starts to play normally but then shows details of a later track. For example, track 1 will play with the correct details showing then track 2 plays but details show for track 3. On reaching track 3 the details match and stay correct to the end of the queue. I suspected it was related to my combination of buffer size and percentage in the playback options. So, I made the values smaller but the issue persisted.
Has anybody else seen this and can suggest an explanation and a solution?


Mark B

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I noticed the same, but as i can see developers don’t give a ****. They work only on premium features.

Really? Can you elaborate?

Which one of us are you asking to elaborate, fomibeast or me?

I admit it is very disappointing to hear nothing after 3 months.

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Yes, Really! You can’t fix even incorrect track showing FOR YEARS! I never faced such STUPID bugs in other players. And you even don’t reply to this. Such a shame.

Guys, point taken.
Report was taken to the team by one of our moderators. Bear with us for more info

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Ok, thank you!

I have had the same problem with the details of an arbitrary song being shown while another is playing for years. It was reported at least back in 2018. It would seem to me that fixing this should be a top priority of the team.

That confirms that I wasn’t imagining that the problem has been around for ages.

There are other manifestations of this bug :bug:. For instance if I search for a term and get 200 hits, many of the songs in the search results will be ignored internally by Volumio, so if I click to play search result #50, I get song #35, if I click song #110 I get song #76:exploding_head: And this is not something that happens seldom, it happens most of the times.

I know this is an open source project and that the people working on this are volunteers. But there are core bugs which have been around for years, preventing basic use. Those obviously need to be fixed before implementing any new features. Aside from this bug, top of my wish list is to have the non-responsive GUI bug fixed which also prevents normal use.

Thank you for the extra information. I think I will have to see if I have the same issues you mention. It’s been around 6 weeks since the post about a moderator taking the issue to the team. Some feedback would be good. Perhaps all the effort is devoted to Volumio 3. If I knew the issue was fixed in v3, I would be happy to wait for a final release. It does make me wonder if owners of the Volumio Primo have the same problem as us. If I had stumped up 500 Euros for a box that didn’t even know which track it was playing, I would be furious.

Its firmware is based on the same source code AFAIK, so it will have same issues.