-= Volumio should have a raspberry case for them

Like the topic says , Volumio should have a raspberry case ready for having a raspberry pi and a dac (hifiberry) all in one case. I think it should be a great idea, with that people can enjoy the true sound that volumio + raspberrypi + hifiberry does .

For myself I’ve been searching for a good case that accept the two together without having an open box .



Raspberry pi B
with XMOS External DAC
and soon new raspi

Use the ‘Dogbone’ Case… ebay.co.uk/itm/171735430786

If you need it to be higher, just add another spacer.

Since posting, I decided to get creative and draw up a case (based on the one on HiFiBerry.com) to be cut on my CNC router. It’s designed for 3mm material - ply, acrylic, mdf, alloy, whatever you want.

If you want the files, just ask.

dropbox.com/s/4v2zdayssswut … 0.png?dl=0

We are using audio359.eu - I think it is pretty cool looking.


Nice bit of kit, Sven.

I’m not sure how you ‘Store 200 albums’’, though - where? EDIT: I see - nice! Never thought of a USB stick.