Volumio Shop: what products would you like to see?

For those asking on a ready device, we’re already working on that… I spotted a really well built x86 computer with a nice case, which is very affordable. We’re working currently on the deal, but I really think that this will be a nice nice overall device (coming with Volumio pre-installed).

Bundles will be also something we’ll do, ideally from different vendors, and that will be quite a plus.

Last but not least, we’re working also on a Volumio device and cases… But those things take a while to do…

The idea is start slowly, and see how the website goes in August. Then we’ll add lot of stuff in september.

I’ve worked in the past with Audiophonics, and I will carefully avoid doing it again… :wink:

Given the current ideas of the project, it’s very difficult to include all the options available in the shop from the very beginning. Some might be interested in Volumio because of the high audio quality, others might just want to have a sonos-like or bluetooth-speaker-like thing…

Also, as I understand that you don’t stock the items, but act as an intermediate marketplace, bundles from different suppliers are difficult to manage. So maybe you could start with two-three guides, trying to target different customer types.

In my particular case, and I understand that’s just my personal point of view and will differ from other people’s, I just wanted to get similar functionality to a wireless speaker. I found out volumio when I was trying to refurbish an old radio and found out other interesting features along the way. In my case, the bigger difficulties I faced were finding a DAC and amp on the cheap (I settled for the hifiberry AMP+ after reading about it here), and (by far the one that took me the most time, as I was completely clueless) what type of speakers to purchase.

Headphone amp / dac & streamer kit: combine any products designed by NwAvGuy (O2, ODAC, O2 + ODAC combo) with purchasers board of choice. IMHO the performance / price ratio would be unbeatable… and then make sure to add alsaequal to Volumio 2.x.


There is a little gem in the shop currently, which IMHO (I own it) is far superior than the O2 (own)+ ODAC combo you mentioned, and way better also than the SMSL M8 USB DAC + VMV VA2 Headphone Amplifier + P1 Linear Power (which I also own).

It is the volumio.org/product/ifi-micro-idsd/ . It went somehow unnoticed, but I’m willing to do an extensive review of it (PS: is there a huge headphone lover around here?) . So I bet who dares to get it, it won’t be disappointed…

It has also 3D button, probably is a crossfeed filter.

I use it with my DT 770 PRO and man, I never had so much enjoyment while listening to music…

Sure looks like a nice product; but at a different price point than the products I mentioned. Compared at current USD conversion it’s about 2.3 times more expensive than the O2 + ODAC combo. BTW, I am not a fan of gimmicky features like a 3D button, which is surely to mess with the signal. Just saying… :wink:
Would love to try one out though. Can you hook me up with one? I wold be willing to pay for shipping.

Hi Michelangelo, I am wondering about this one.

Carefully, spoiler:
[spoiler]Occasionally, I have seen several days ago a little grey box for 130 bucks in the shop which very much seemed to be what you referred to. It just had a stand-in description with no specifications.[/spoiler]
But nothing happened yet. I am really curious and keen to upgrade my current system. Can you give an indication when you plan to release the next big news?
Ever since, I also got fascinated by the new Kali products and the Mamboberry. So now I am really in a dilemma:

  • should I go for a new RPI 3 + Kali Reclocker + Mamboberry ?
  • or should I wait for the new mysterious x86 box?

I really need an upgrade from my current sub-optimal volumio implementation, and it should also have enough resources to potentially deal with a local touch screen to secure against Wifi brakedowns.

Any suggestions on these issues?

Wow! Can’t hide anything to you eheheheh… Yes I made a little mistake and published a draft version of it… As you noticed, it will be a stylish x86 powered device, and the great news is that you can attach it to any HDMI screen and see Volumio’s UI on it…

That being said, to reply to your question:

  • If you already got a good USB DAC, wait for this “surprise”
  • If you don’t have a good DAC and you won’t miss the HDMI display, go for PI3 + KALI + Mamboberry or PIano

It should be online by the end of the week anyway…

Thanks for the reply and sorry for stalking… :wink:

I guess the HDMI would just allow to connect a screen/display, but not to give feedback/input through a touch display, right?
What I need is a foolproof access to the GUI which doesn’t depend on the network such that the rest of my household or any guest who wants to drive my stereo can browse and play without messing with my Wifi.

I still hope that with Volumio 2, there might evolve an easy solution to drive a local touchdisplay showing the GUI. However, I remember an older post of yours saying that the computational burden to drive such an interface would tear down audio quality on a low-spec device like the old RPI model B. So now I am wondering if the RPI 3 would be sufficient in terms of computational resource or if I need something more powerfull.

Ah yes, and on DACs: I don’t own anything decent enough. If I am not going for the RPI + Kali + Mamboberry solution, I thought about investing in a Musical Fidelity V90 DAC. Obviously, much more expensive. Do you have any idea if the cheaper solution might measure up to the V90 in terms of audio quality?

You can attach a touchscreen to the new device, something like this: waveshare.com/7inch-hdmi-lcd-b.htm but it’s going to look clunky…

As for the DAC, I am not comfortable doing this kind of suggestions (I would suggest the ifi micro, amazon.com/SMSL-Optical-Coa … B00PS0WLX6 (but again I guess out of your budget…).

If you’re looking for sheer sound quality, Kali + Mamboberry (or piano) is your choice. If you can sacrifice it, the new device will be good (it has a decent analog output, but before or later you will want to add a USB DAC to it. If not, there’s the DIY way :

(I don’t know the V90, so cannot judge it, but I know its quite old… so that would not make me opt for it…)