Volumio Shop: what products would you like to see?

The Volumio shop is a place meant to offer a fine selection of Audio gear, with an high performance\price ratio.

So, what stuff would you guys want to see in it?

What a good surprise ! I just discovered the shop !
What I’d like to find :
A selection of speakers (from cheap to less cheap)
Of course more choice in term of amp / dac
And section advice to compose a hifi system using Volumio :
Cheapest (ex rpi zero, dac+amp, small bookshelves speakers )
mid range
higher range ( and more expensive)
The idea is to help beginner to compose a good and coherent system depending considering hardware and bugdet.
Just to said, when I first discovered Volumio, I even didn’t imagine what was possible with such small device! I was very interested in a very much more expensive, and miles away of Volumio in term of possibility, flexibility commercial stream player.

Durio sound DAC
Mamboberry DAC
Audiophonics DAC
Hi-Fi berry and Hi-Fi berry digi
Power supplies switching and linear
Cases for raspberry

Thanks guys, we basically share the same ideas! We also already have hifiberry on board, it’s just a matter of time until they will be available…

Thanks for the feedbacks!

Justy a small comment; the links to the subtypes (DAC, amplifier, etc…) are malformed by missing the initial ‘h’ off the address… (but someone will have told you this already…)

No I didn’t know! Fixed, thanks

nice surprise
i like the “transparent case with the small screen” shown in the shop
i know some might not be ok with the idea, but find (for free or for a few bucks) the plan of nice “Volumio hardware cases”, eventually with the option to buy it “already made” (even if its against the idea of DIY that RPI and Volumio have been pushing).
That is one point to allow those that want to share and spend some time to do so, for free and by sharing time and skills.
It is another point to allow people without time and skills (or the will to get them) to find “already made” some nice solutions.


I believe more experienced people in the community already have a pretty good idea of what hardware is out there and where to get it. But new people have no idea where to start, and the number of options and permutations of hardware can be overwhelming.

So I’d recommend focusing on newer people to the DIY audiophile world and help guide them to choose various collections of hardware that work well together. That would include the single board computer itself, a power supply, microSD card, I2S or USB DAC and a case. This might be difficult as there would be different vendors supplying various parts, but having some preconfigured “starter” packages with all of the above, along with an explanation of why you may want to choose that package, would really help newcomers.

Even better would be to have the option for a microSD card with a preinstalled Volumio 2 image for the particular hardware platform, with settings already made such as choosing the I2S DAC.

Totally agree, very sensible arguments. Bundles are our primary goal, but it’s logistically very complicated to do such thing. So we’re looking for partners on this… But sure at some point we’ll do that.

PS: A new update of Volumio is coming, with i2s DAC autodetection…

The idea of a shop is great, but it also brings the implicit matter of support.

So if you offer something through the shop, it is expected it is/and will be fully supported (for quite some times like 3+ years).

My personal ‘worry’ is with USB based DAC’s as feeding a good USB signal remains troublesome for most devices like RPi, etc. Maybe a proper x86 system can manage this.

A big pro for bundles could be that with smartly chosen parts and a good and clear explanation on why and how these parts are a good fit for each other, can give people much insight and help to choose something that fits them well (and they understand why).

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As for x86, big news are coming… And that will involve the shop…

Hi - I’d like to support Volumio BUT in attempting to order an IQAUDIO package (DAC, case, power supply):

  • all costs are shown in Euros regardless of the final transaction currency (and no obvious way of knowing what the actual cost will be in local currency)
  • where there are options (like the colour of the case) there doesn’t seem to be any way of choosing (I want matt black)
  • not obvious (given the currency) where the products will actually be shipped from
  • you still have to log into the IQAUDIO site for such things as user manual

It just ends up being a lot easier to log into the IQAUDIO site and purchasing from there.

I know its tough to monetize your service but others seem to get commission for providing links to manufacturer sites rather than going through the extra step of providing the shop.

Not trying to be negative - maybe others will not see these as problems

It would be nice to have some Volumio and Pi case badges to put on DIY projects :slight_smile:

Yeah you are really missing a trick there Michelangelo!

Volumio vinyl cut stickers in a range of sizes!

Michelangelo, really good inputs from other people here.
Expanding some of those, I think it could be great having in the shop a complete audio gear
(cabinet + electronics + power supply + volumio preinstalled and pre-configured).
Something like an Auralic Aries but obviously with volumio supported hardware, x86 or ARM!
I know…this involves a partner manufacturer able to provide something like that, not easy…
But maybe a simple beauty cabinet with or without a display, a pi3 (or atom hardware) inside
and an integrated power supply: in the end, a nice box with Volumio preinstalled, ready to go!

Anyhow, many thanks for the great work,
keep it up!


@Michele, you mean something like this?

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Well, really a good suggestion! I didn’t know this one.
But I was thinking more of something like a complete audio streamer:
a nice box + base hardware + volumio preinstalled and perhaps the ability to
insert the microsd on the front! It’d be very useful!
The user should only insert the power plug and connect it to the DAC, and
then enjoy Volumio! One main requirement should be the aesthetic appearance,
a nice box next to the other gears (DAC, amplifier, etc…).
I have built something like that, with one of those little case for mini-PC: I removed
the internal components, cut with laser a steel plate to accomodate pi connectors
on the back (in the I/O shield place). The power supply is inside, and the power switch
controls a little circuit the power on/off the pi.
Only to say: the final result is nice to see, next to all other gears, but if I have had
something already built and ready, comparable to this or something like Auralic products…
it’d be really cool!

Everything IMHO, obviously…


Have a look at this :wink: rasptouch.audiophonics.fr/

Those are very constructive comments. We’ll implement those things. We wanted to start with a very basic shop, in order to proof our idea, and then expand both in functions gradually, in order to deliver what we promise.

We also do affiliates, but the goal is to do more than monetization, we want to push things forward also on the hardware side and having a shop where to sell stuff IMHO goes in that direction…

You should have a look @ this http://rasptouch.audiophonics.fr/ :wink: