Volumio Setup

Hi - definitely new to all of this. I have ordered a CuBox - i Quad Pro and intend to load Volumio on it.

Here is my setup
CuBox-i Quad
Musical Fidelity V-90 DAC will connect to CuBox via optical Toslink connection
1 TB esata drive (currently NTFS file system)
Jolida JD-102B connected to DAC


  1. Is there a technical User Manual someplace? Is any of this documented anywhere?
  2. What do I have to do use the 1TB disk drive besides connecting it with a esta cable?
  3. Is it better to reformat the drive to another file system i.e. ext4 (I am new to Linux but know other OSes)
  4. Where does Volumio store its music library data - I want to have all the music and meta data on the 1TB drive and leave the SD card for software/config files only

As a parting thought/question: XBMC seems to have a much larger footprint - I am interested in high quality audio only (at this point in time). I am “assuming” that Volumio is the way to go. Anyone have experience that XBMC is a better in terms of audio quality player than Volumio?

I thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.


And I will add here.
I did not find Manual for all interface settings also.
For creating a library is also interesting. I do not see this in the user’s default screen.
Similarly, I do not understand how normal procedure to add an internal hard drive, in which system to format it and how to use it for adding music.
Do I need additionally configure for SAMBA access, or not !?
Sorry for my English.

And i am sorry.
I can connect USB FLASH and play music successfully.

But if i try to do this


connection is refused

May be have be different for USB and SATA :question: :question: